5 Tips Bonfire Night At Home

5 Tips for bonfire night at home

OOOOOOH and AAAAAAH! These two words are usually only said on Bonfire Night night, from the spectacular fireworks displays that pop up around the country.

Some people however, decide to do their own firework displays in their back garden and annoy the neighbours!

Here are 5 tips to keep your lawn from being damaged by fireworks.

1.  Use a bucket load of buckets

Our first and easiest tip to save your lawn from fire damage caused by fireworks is as follows:

  • Fill a few large buckets with soil and place them on your lawn
  • Put the stake attached to the firework into the soil
  • When ready, light the firework and move a safe distance away
  • Go ooh and aah and enjoy the display

2.  Rid of the rogue rockets

After your display has finished and you rub your neck from being in pain, from too much looking up, clear your lawn of any fireworks that have fallen in your garden from your own display, or a neighbour.

Fireworks contain chemicals that can affect your lawn if they are left on there too long.

3.  Burn the bonfire

If you’re planning on having a bonfire on November 5ththen make sure you do it in an area that is not covered in grass, such as an old vegetable patch that is no longer in use, or somewhere similar.

Make sure you burn dry organic matter and try not to burn too many leaves, because of the excess smoke these tend to give off.

Remember to check for wildlife before lighting your bonfire and always stand at a safe distance away.

4.  Look after your pets

Our little furry friends, we wouldn’t survive without them!

Keeping your pets safe and indoors on bonfire night is important, and here are a few things you can do to keep them safe.

  • Shut your pet in the lounge or TV room and put the TV or radio on quite loud to block out other noise
  • Ensure they have somewhere to hide if they do get scared, by pulling out the sofa away from the wall, or something along those lines
  • Close all windows and doors in the room of the house your pet is in, to reduce sound levels from outside
  • Check on them every so often and give them a little cuddle!

5.  Don’t let your lawn sparkle!

A favourite of ours on bonfire night is to have a sparkler and write something in the sky!

The majority of people usually just throw it on the ground and forget about it, well don’t do that! It’s naughty and bad for your lawn to say the least!

Get a bucket of water, yes, another bucket, you may need to go to the supermarket and stock up on them to be fair!

Fill your bucket with water and get everyone to put the sparklers straight in the water instead of burning holes in your lawn!

If you do find a rogue sparkler lying on the ground instead of in the bucket, make sure you find the culprit and give them a slap on the wrist!

If you have any lawn damage at all after your bonfire night at home give one of our professional lawn care experts a call.

Find your local TruGreen expert here.