Why is annual meadow grass so damaging to your lawn?

Everything you need to know about annual meadow grass and how to treat it. 

Annual meadow grass (or Poa annua) is a low-growing weed grass that thrives in the borders and within lawns.

When striving for the perfect lawn, the appearance of this breed of grass is both unsightly and dangerous – as it competes against your lawn’s turf grass for space, water and nutrients.

While we want to see a lush and dense grass cover on a lawn, annual meadow grass should be discouraged.

How does annual meadow grass spread?

Annual meadow grass is one of the most common weed grasses in the UK, as our climate is perfect for its rapid reproduction.

And although it is undesirable on a lawn or any grassed area, it can establish very successfully in most soil types.

Annual meadow grass can spread rapidly through seeding, with seeds dispersed on a 10-day cycle.

Shortly after germination, seedlings develop rapid and shallow roots that spread wherever they touch the soil.

Growth is generally strong in the late spring.

But there is often another flush of growth in the early autumn, where the most undesirable weed grasses become widespread if left unattended.

How to treat annual meadow grass?

As annual meadow grass is low-growing, it cannot be removed through mowing.

And with no chemical application registered for use in the lawn care market, the removal of annual meadow grass can be achieved through annual scarification.

During this process, most of the annual meadow grass will be removed, as there is little resistance from the shallow roots.

This is followed by oversowing all bare areas with more desirable ryegrass or fescue, aiding both the quality and the lawn appearance, achieving the lush and dense grass cover you desire.

Though, due to the high level of seed production, it cannot be guaranteed to remove all this type of grass from a lawn, we can make every effort to minimise its presence.

Want the best quality care for your lawn?

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