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Will having a pet ruin your lawn?

How does owning a pet impact your lovely green lawn? Over 45% of the UK population own a pet. And most also have a garden. Cultivating the green grass you dream about is impossible without the proper care. You must do a little extra look after your lawn when you have pets. Here are some […]

Why is annual meadow grass so damaging to your lawn?

Everything you need to know about annual meadow grass and how to treat it.  Annual meadow grass (or Poa annua) is a low-growing weed grass that thrives in the borders and within lawns. When striving for the perfect lawn, the appearance of this breed of grass is both unsightly and dangerous – as it competes […]

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Going green is easier than you think. Earth Day is this week, a national day observed to support our planet, held annually on 22nd April. The first Earth Day was introduced in 1970 to flood the world with hope, optimism and action for our beautiful planet Earth. It is now the world’s largest recruiter for […]

TruGreen Gloucestershire Supporting the Pied Piper Appeal

Mike Simmonds and the team and TruGreen Gloucestershire have been supporting the local children’s charity the Pied Piper Appeal. On the year of its 30th Anniversary, TruGreen Gloucestershire is joining with 30 other local businesses to partner with the Gloucestershire charity the Pied Piper Appeal. What is the Pied Piper Appeal? For 30 years, the […]

4 Tips on watering your lawn

Your lawn needs watering just like any other plant, so make sure you give it a drink according to these tips: When to Water the Lawn While the temptation is to water the lawn at all times of the day, we need to consider the requirements of the grass plant. Watering in the morning, preferably […]

Save water, invest in a rainwater collection tank

With the weather the way it is at the moment collecting rainwater using a water butt/rainwater collection tank is a great thing to do to help the environment and save water. Why should I get a water butt? Your lawn, your outdoor and indoor plants all need water to survive, and rainwater is a much […]

Identifying lawn weeds and controlling them

Do not get fooled into thinking that a lawn will remain weed-free forevermore, and despite a lawn seeming to be clear of weeds at the start of the year, the likelihood is that there will be some unwanted annual weeds that will appear later in the spring and early summer. Different Types of Weeds It […]

Lawn care diseases – Red thread

Red thread is one of the most common turf diseases which can re-occur a number of times in any one year, as the fungus spores in the soil remain active for up to 2 years. Red thread can survive temperature as low -20°C or as high as 32°C. It appears most severely during late spring […]

Put the spring back in your lawn

With spring on the horizon, it’s time to think about getting your lawn sorted if you want your lawn looking its best for summer, and applying the right treatments will ensure it looks its best all year round. Moss a problem again this spring There are many reasons for the build-up of moss in a […]

Winter lawn care the do’s and don’ts

There are a number of lawn care treatments that can be considered in managing the quality of the lawn throughout the winter, so we’ve delved into a bit more information on each treatment for you. Winter lawn care While the management of such treatments are weather dependent, it would be wrong not to consider the […]

Don’t leave the leaves on your lawn!

While autumn offers a beautiful display of many different colours of leaves, from brown, orange and red, those leaves can wreak havoc on your lawn.  While raking the leaves may seem like a tedious chore, it is a necessary one and understanding the reasons why leaf removal is important for your lawn may help to […]

Beware of lawn diseases this winter

As always at this time of the year it is important that we stay vigilant to the weather conditions and the differing turf diseases that may result. This autumn has certainly started damp and wet and should this continue with the resulting lower ground temperatures, then we are likely to see a period where damp […]

Managing your lawn throughout the winter

We would always advise you to start protecting your lawns for the winter period as early as the end of October/November, as even while the grass growth is dormant, there are still many issues that can have an effect on the quality of the grass come next spring. Below is a list of lawn care […]

Repairing flooding on your lawn

With all this rain we’ve been getting this wet October so far, there’s going to be a few flooded lawns around the country. Here are a few tips we’ve put together for you if your lawn floods: Lawn flooded for less than 4 days Lawns that have been under floodwater and associated silt for less […]

Autumn Lawn Pests

With the high level of cranefly activity across all areas of the UK, leatherjackets are likely to be a major issues this autumn. Signs of infestation include birds pecking at the grass, poor grass growth, yellow patches and the ability to pull the turf up as the pests feed on the grassroots. Early identification and […]

Keep your lawn weed free this summer

Weeds have a large number of mechanisms and characteristics that enable them to survive, many having thick wax type leaves that can be resistant to some herbicides, have fast reproduction methods, the ability to reseed in six weekly cycles and in many cases a more robust root system than any of the common grass species […]

Save water, invest in a water butt

With the weather the way it is at the moment collecting rainwater using a water butt is a great thing to do to help the environment and save water. Why should I get a water butt? Your lawn, your outdoor and indoor plants all need water to survive, and rainwater is a much healthier option […]

How do I remove dry patches on my lawn?

We had one customer ask the following question, and we thought we’d put some tips up to help you if you have the same problem. Question: I have a lovely big back garden and three kids that enjoy playing in it, but by the end of the summer the lawn is covered in large dry […]

A to Z of lawncare and gardening

Just to entertain you while you’re stuck at home, we’ve decided to put together an A to Z of lawncare and gardening for you! A – Aeration Aeration – There are two main types of aeration that can be considered and are of benefit to the lawn. Solid tine aeration which aids the development of […]