Case Study: Professional leatherjacket lawn care from TruGreen Gloucestershire

How TruGreen Gloucestershire revitalised a seriously damaged lawn after some intense leatherjacket damage.

The team at TruGreen Gloucestershire have been busy in Gotherington recently dealing with a leatherjacket infestation.

What was the problem?

Leatherjackets, the larvae of daddy long legs, were causing major grass thinning.

This is usually caused by feeding on the roots of the grass plant.

This stops healthy grass from growing, which was, in this case, exacerbated by already unfavourable conditions from compacted clay soil with poor drainage.

The lawn before

Upon the initial free quotation visit, a plan of attack was made as part of our comprehensive free 14-point lawn analysis, in which TruGreen’s expert lawn care technicians assess your lawn’s health to draw up a bespoke treatment plan for you.

What TruGreen did to help

Upon assessing the quality of the lawn, the team noted its already unideal compaction and drainage and planned renovation works to account for this.

This included multiple professional machine-aided processes to help give the best possible result.

This began with one-pass scarification.

This involves tilthing the lawn’s soil to remove excess lawn thatch from the grass the leatherjackets had not yet got hold of.

This was followed by a course of hollow core aeration, which is a process that punctures the ground to allow for better airflow.

This removes the clay soil and creates entry points for nematodes, which will later be used to treat the leatherjackets.

The team followed this with premium top dressing to aid drainage & seed germination and benefit the soil profile.

This can fill the holes created by aeration to aid the effects of both processes.

Pre-seed fertiliser was then applied to add the correct to aid seed germination before new grass seed was added.

This was followed up by a double application of pest control and wetting agent – which helps the soil maintain its moisture.

The lawn during treatment

The result

Six weeks later, after the customer followed TruGreen’s watering and aftercare advice, the lawn is now ready to enjoy this summer, and they are happy with the result!

The revitalised lawn following treatment

Looking to the future, the team plans to continue to treat the lawn for leatherjackets in the autumn and the years to come, as the damage leatherjackets cause can be ongoing.

Therefore, treating them is often more than a one-off job.

When struggling with a leatherjacket infestation, consult the professionals.

By contacting your local lawn care expert, you’ll benefit from ongoing treatment to ensure the infestation stays at bay, alongside the other professional processes that TruGreen employs.

Need treatment for Leatherjackets?

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Our lawncare operatives are equipped to deal with leatherjackets, no matter the size or scale of the infestation.

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