Case Study: TruGreen provides a new lease of lawn for high-end retirement development in Worcestershire

TruGreen in Worcester has helped to transform the lawns on a local, high-end retirement estate. Much to the delight of its residents!

The team at TruGreen Gloucestershire, Hereford and Worcester have been supporting Cognatum Estates’ Berrow Court to make their struggling lawns picture-perfect.

This post delves into the work TruGreen carried out and its impact on staff and residents.

What was the problem?

Greg Jones, one of the estate managers for Berrow Court, contacted TruGreen in the autumn of 2022. After taking over the management of the estate, he inherited a historical lawn care specialist who was struggling to manage the chafer grubs and leatherjackets that were causing issues on the lawns.

This was one of many issues, including bare patches, diseases, and a large lawn known as ‘the Ham-side lawn’, which overlooks The Ham flood meadow.

This lawn was very patchy and damaged after being neglected for several years.

In the estate’s history, Greg says, “multiple contractors have struggled to manage some of the specialist issues, such as the pests. Which have led to complaints from some of the residents.”

This was a glaring issue for the estate, as the lawns are very noticeable as soon as you enter.

Therefore, it was a major priority for Greg to transform them into lush and healthy lawns.

The ham-side lawn before treatment from TruGreen

How TruGreen Helped

Greg began researching lawn specialists.

He was looking for someone who would help him understand the areas of lawn maintenance that his experience did not cover, and provide extensive, hands-on support.

Then, he found TruGreen Gloucestershire, Hereford and Worcester and got what the doctor ordered.

Greg’s first meeting with business owner Mike Simmonds helped the TruGreen team establish the issues, such as pests, moss, and thatch build-up; and what Greg wanted to achieve from his lawn treatments.

This laid the groundwork for Greg and Mike to work together to draw up a plan of attack.

During the following visits, the TruGreen team focused on dealing with those issues – including completing scarification, aeration and nematode treatments to bring the lawns back to good health.

During the first treatment, the team removed a significant amount of thatch during scarification.

They then considered scarifying or reshaping the turf of the ‘Ham-side lawn’, with Greg deciding to reshape the area.

The TruGreen team then went in and overseeded the entire lawn, nourished by rainfall, to completely regrow a new and thriving lawn.

“Thankfully, last year, we had quite a wet summer.” jokes Greg, who says that “This helped the ham-side lawn to grow back swiftly and look tremendous.”

The ham-side lawn after treatment from TruGreen

The results

Now, the estate has an entirely new lease of lawn which is a real focal point for residents.

“As soon as you drive into the estate, even in the winter, you can see the difference now,” says Greg.

“We’ve got 30+ residents, and they’re all satisfied and very happy with the lawns.”

The healthy, well-manicured lawns also serve to enhance the kerb appeal of the estate.

The lawn views from the properties on the Ham side are considerably better with the help of TruGreen’s ongoing programme.

Now, Berrow Court Estate is a regular client who has developed a strong working relationship with TruGreen’s technicians, who continue to provide regular treatments.

These include an annual plan of ongoing care and maintenance, customised for the lawns and whatever conditions may arise.

Greg assures us that Cognatum’s Garden Consultant, who frequently visits the estate, is very satisfied with the lawns and TruGreen has helped to make good on their advice.

Which was:

“To spend money on the lawns for a good quality service, which will in turn keep the residents happy.”

The collaboration between TruGreen and Berrow Court has helped to create a thriving, natural space for the residents to enjoy.

In 2023 the estate achieved a ‘Level 5 – Outstanding’ award in the Heart of England in Bloom – ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ campaign, for its high standard of grounds and garden care at Berrow Court.

We’d say that’s a pretty glowing endorsement!

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