Community Garden Week – Spring Weeding Tips

This week is Community Garden Week in the UK. Running from 4th-10th April, this is all about celebrating school and community gardens across Great Britain. Ahead of Earth Day, this is the perfect way to get in the spirit of togetherness and spend time outdoors in your local community.

After all, showing a garden the proper love is often a team effort. At TruGreen professional lawn care, we know first-hand how much goes into maintaining a proper lawn.

And what worse an eyesore than the troublesome weed? Simply defined as a plant that grows where it is not desired, even the very bestkept lawns are susceptible to such problems. Whether it’s from weed seeds blown on the wind, deposited by birds, animals and pets, or on the soles of shoes – weeds are almost certain to find their way into a garden.

So, what can you do about them? We’ve put together a blog post of everything you need to know about keeping your garden (community or private) free of weeds.

Natural Defences

In some ways, nature can actually protect your lawn from weed growth. One of the main characteristics weeds have that allow them to spread as rapidly as they do is a very fast germination rate. As a result, having dense grass cover helps prevent weeds from growing by giving them less room to germinate and establish.

Things you can do

Another factor contributing to the fast spread of weeds is their high rate of seed production. These can stay dormant in the ground for long periods, so it’s a good idea to take steps to prevent them from taking root at all. Therefore, mowing at the correct height of 25-30mm, also helps as the grass leaf acts as a shade and prevents the weed seeds from entering the soil and germinating.

You can also achieve control of weeds through the application of selective weed killers, which are absorbed through the leaf of the weed. This process is most effective when the weeds are treated in either early spring or late autumn when they are at their weakest. Please be aware that the control of weeds is an ongoing process, and it can take several applications to eradicate some of the more troublesome weeds. Once the herbicide has been fully absorbed, weeds will curl and discolour before dying. In certain instances, you may see an abnormal growth spurt as the weed goes through its cycle at a rapid rate.

It’s also important to note that weed control only works on weeds that are actively growing at the time of treatment. Don’t fret, as selective weed killers do not affect the health and quality of the grass plant. However, weed control should not be applied to newly sown grass seed for at least 6 weeks. Furthermore, weed killers need time to be fully absorbed, so any watering should be avoided for a minimum of 2-4 hours after treatment, depending on the details on the product label. Mowing should not be carried out for at least 3 days after applying the weed killer.

If you notice a strong growth of weeds that needs special attention, take immediate action. Remember, effective weed treatments are best applied in the spring, so make sure not to leave it too late. Act right away by getting in touch with your nearest TruGreen lawncare business today.