Don’t leave the leaves on your lawn!

While autumn offers a beautiful display of many different colours of leaves, from brown, orange and red, those leaves can wreak havoc on your lawn.  While raking the leaves may seem like a tedious chore, it is a necessary one and understanding the reasons why leaf removal is important for your lawn may help to convince you to do so!

Why do you need to remove leaves from your lawn?

Leaves can smother the grass and deprive it of sunlight, which is necessary for its health and proper growth. This is because the grass leaves turn the energy from the sun into food storage, which is essential for the roots during the winter months to help the plant survive.

If you leave the leaves on your lawn it can also deprive the grass plant from producing oxygen, and as grass is a key source of oxygen, producing more for the environment at a greater rate than an identical area of trees, in fact, a  turf area 50′ x 50′ produces enough oxygen to meet the everyday needs of a family of four.

Moisture can also become trapped on your lawn and this can create problems with fungus, which can lead to a number of lawn diseases, and if left these can be harder to treat

As well as the above-mentioned reasons leaves can also potentially cause safety issues, like leaves on pavements, driveways or patios can be slippery, particularly when wet, and lead to accidents!


When it comes to leaf removal, it may be tempting to wait until all of the leaves have fallen to save you completing this task multiple times, but it is much better for the overall health of your lawn to rake them as soon as possible.


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