Essential lawn care jobs you need to do this autumn

Autumnal jobs for the prepared lawn lover.

I was almost late for work today because of the giant wall of leaves I stepped into immediately outside my back door.

Realising this means autumn is upon us, I couldn’t help but think of all the jobs to be done to the lawn in the coming season.

And seeing as my dad always used to say better out than in, I thought I’d share them with you now.

Here are the essential tasks that any dedicated lawn enthusiast must have on their to-do list this autumn.

Sweep Leaves

This is the big one.

Scoop or sweep up autumn leaves regularly to ensure your lawn stays healthy.

When left, they can cause severe damage to the grass plants as they decay.

Removing all leaves prevents them from rotting, decreasing the chances of diseases.

If the crown becomes infected from rot, it will also result in a loss of grass cover, which increases the chances of moss infestation during the dark and damp winter months.

All in all, be safe: Sweep your leaves.

Service Your Equipment

Service your gardening equipment, like your mower to ensure the best results.

Sharpen any shears and secateurs or send away your tools for external servicing.

Autumn Mowing Habits

When conditions allow, there is no need to stop mowing your lawn in autumn.

Never mow immediately after heavy rainfall, night frosts or snow.

Even in later autumn and winter (if temperatures are above expected as they are now), the grass should be cut.

Only remove the ragged growth and use a rotary mower without a roller where possible, maintaining the height of the cut at a minimum of 30mm.

Moss Treatment

Feed and condition your lawn with an autumn feed and moss killer to benefit its look and health.

UK weather often provides ideal conditions for moss growth, which is more challenging for heavier and shaded lawns.

This moss threatens the health of your grass plant by taking up growing space and preventing essential water and nutrients from reaching your grass.

Thankfully, you can prevent damage with moss killer and remove lawn moss with scarification treatment from lawn care experts like TruGreen.

Get professional lawn care this autumn

See how we can help your lawn thrive this autumn.

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