Garden Watering Restrictions – How to manage a hosepipe ban

Managing water restrictions

Following the recent spell of extremely hot and dry weather, the UK government is enforcing hosepipe bans across England and Wales. As of the publication of this blog post, the current and future restrictions are as follows:

via BBC news

What does a hosepipe ban mean?

When a hosepipe ban is in place, you cannot use any hosepipe that is connected to the mains water supply to water your lawn. Any ban also includes anything that has been adapted to serve the same purpose as a hosepipe or is connected to the mains water supply. This means the use of irrigation systems, both on the surface of the lawn, and for those that are installed underground are not permitted.

The use of sprinkler systems to water your lawn is also not permitted, solely due to the amount of water that they use. To give you an idea, some sprinklers have a flow rate of over 1000 litres per hour, which is enough water for a family of four for a day! Therefore, the savings made from a hosepipe ban are very significant and necessary.

What does this mean for my lawn?

It’s not as bad as you might think. Grass does not need the amount of water that many people think as they are grown to withstand the different weather conditions that can occur throughout the year. It is only during extended periods of dry weather and high temperatures that the grasses will go dormant in protecting against further damage. We have already seen some much-needed rain in the past week, but there are ways you can prepare and protect your lawn during extreme periods of heat.

While hosepipes and sprinklers are banned, the use of watering cans and buckets is permitted in watering the lawn. However, we would always advise on contacting your local water supplier beforehand – as regulations can change and this may only be possible in smaller areas. But it does offer an opportunity to keep the grasses green and allow for the germination of grass seed where necessary. One thing that can be guaranteed is that there will be rain in the coming weeks, so even where the opportunity for watering is limited, coming rain will still help in achieving a faster recovery of the lawn surface once conditions improve.

And, as the present conditions continue, now is also the ideal time to invest in a water butt to allow for the collection of water from the incoming rainfall. Using a water butt has many benefits year-round. But currently, they would allow you to fill watering cans and buckets to maintain irrigation to the lawn, should restrictions continue. So even while there are challenges presented by the weather, there are still options available to keep the lawn in as good a condition as possible.

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Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer