How to treat mushrooms on your lawn

All you need to know about lawn fungi. 

During the autumn and early winter, you’re likely to see mushrooms appear randomly on your lawn.

These become more common as the level of dampness in the lawn surface increases and temperatures fall.

But why?

This comprehensive guide from TruGreen Professional Lawn Care UK covers all aspects of mushroom lawn care, including:

  • What causes mushrooms on the lawn?
  • Are mushrooms bad for your lawn?
  • How to treat lawn mushrooms

What causes mushrooms on the lawn?

It might not look like it, but your lawn is chock-full of fungi spores.

They are often invisible and non-damaging to humans and only start to appear on the surface under the right conditions.

Mushrooms thrive in damp, carbon-rich soil.

As such, they will often begin to sprout following extended rainfall and cool weather.

Are mushrooms bad for your lawn?

Mushrooms found on domestic lawns are technically harmless and may not reoccur in the same position.

If unchecked, mushrooms may be a problem during late autumn and early winter.

All mushrooms derive from a wide range of fungi found in the soil, and as they can form multiple clusters, they can become an eyesore if left to multiply and may be a risk to pets and children. 

How to treat lawn mushrooms

Mushrooms may be removed on more than one occasion, and several actions can be taken to limit their future growth.

As a preventative measure, keep the lawn free of thatch through regular scarification and complete aeration treatments throughout the year to maintain good drainage and reduce the moisture in the lawn surface to lower the chance of mushroom reforming.

Need winter lawn treatments?

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