How TruGreen professional lawn care UK uses Acelepryn to eliminate lawn pests

Are you struggling with leather jackets and chafer grubs? We can help using our exclusive Acelepryn treatment.

Lawn pests are an often invisible enemy for lawn lovers everywhere.

Be it the tiny chafer grub or the pesky leatherjacket, lawn pests can cause grave damage by eating away at the grass roots, causing your turf to become yellow and patchy.

At TruGreen Professional Lawn Care UK, our methods for treating leatherjackets and chafer grubs often involved treatment via nematodes – a biological treatment involving the release of multicellular insects into the turf to drive out pests.

However, due to advancements in lawn care processes, we may now also use a product known as Acelepryn – offered exclusively by TruGreen UK for a limited time.

This blog post delves into what Acelepryn is and how we use it to treat lawn pests.

Covered in this blog:
  • What is Acelepryn?
  • When to apply Acelepryn
  • Benefits of Acelepryn
  • Application rates for Acelepryn

What is Acelepryn?

Newly registered for use in lawn care, Acelepryn insecticide provides exceptional control of turf-damaging pests, including chafer grubs and leatherjackets, without harming non-targets and beneficial insects on the plant and in the soil.

When to apply Acelepryn

Acelepryn provides excellent results when applied to emerging larvae.

Its wide application window offers greater flexibility than other treatments like nematodes.

Leatherjacket Control

For leather jackets, egg laying will likely start in August, continuing to the end of September.

To allow for optimum control, apply Acelepryn when peak crane fly activity is observed.

For Chafer Grub Control

Egg laying can start in May and can continue right through July.

This depends on the species present, and adult flight periods are monitored to determine the best period for application.

Benefits of using Acelepryn

One of the main benefits of Acelepryn is the efficiency and recovery it allows your lawn.

It won’t affect your lawn and its use for long periods, so you can return to spending time in the garden you love.

It’s efficient because…

  • It achieves excellent results after just one application a year.
  • No aftercare is necessary after the treatment. Grass cuttings can be composted after the second cut post-application.
  • It is also 100% pet-friendly, so your furry friends can enjoy your pest-free lawn with you as soon as the treatment is complete.

Application rates for Acelepryn

Acelepryn is formulated to work efficiently when applied at a low rate.

This is in terms of product and water application.

So, in most cases, one annual application at the optimal time should be sufficient.

Need preprofessional lawn pest control?

Acelepryn is a new product in lawn care.

For a limited time, its innovative and efficient pest control solution can only be applied here at TruGreen UK.

With over 30 years as leading lawn care specialists in the UK and part of the world’s largest lawn care brand, you can trust TruGreen to lead the way towards the lawn of your dreams.

Whatever the needs of your slice of paradise, your local expert will provide a free 14-point analysis of your lawn and draw up a treatment plan that’s unique to you.

So, if you have any questions about Acelepryn or want to learn more about how we use it to help your lawn, call us today on 0800 021 3074 or find your nearest TruGreen business to book your free consultation.