Lawn Care 101: Wetting agents and when to use them

Top tips for using wetting agents on your lawn

Finding that your lawn is suffering from run-off and isn’t taking in the water it needs?

You may benefit from using a wetting agent on your lawn.

But what are wetting agents? When might you need them? And why?

This week, TruGreen UK is here with everything you need to know about lawn-wetting agents and how they can benefit your slice of paradise.

What are lawn-wetting agents?

Lawn wetting agents are commercial products that reduce the surface tension of the soil water of your lawn, allowing for rain and water to better penetrate and spread throughout the plant.

Benefits of wetting agents

  • Better moisture and nutrient retention
  • Boots fertiliser retention
  • Helps conserve water
  • Managing soil moisture and allowing for strong growth can make the plant less susceptible to infection.

When should I use them?

Wetting agents are commonly used to treat lawns that have become hydrophobic – meaning they do not retain moisture and so become dry.

This is often caused by fungal growth like fairy rings and lawn thatch.

However, wetting agents need not only to be used in treating dry patches on the lawn.

They can be used as the perfect solution for managing moisture content in the soil.

Maintaining a quality lawn during dry conditions can be difficult as your grass plant can become stressed, returning to a dormant state to protect itself and survive.

In such situations, it is vital that we look at all ways of alleviating the problem, and one cost-effective way is by planning a water management programme incorporating the latest wetting agent technology tailored to the individual needs of the lawn.

Acting early with the application of a wetting agent is vital if you are not to miss the window of opportunity, so do not delay in starting the programme, as the benefits to the quality of the lawn will be there for everyone to see.

Optimal application times

Wetting agents work best when applied before rainfall or when water is available immediately after application.

Therefore, it is vital to begin the wetting process early in the year. This is because this is the time when moisture is present.

This allows the benefits of each application to be seen in the quality of the grass surface, as it maximises the water available to the plant for longer.

Wetting agents are best applied while moisture is still available in the soil and incorporated as part of the treatment programme from April to September.

This will allow the lawn to retain moisture for longer.

It may also be appropriate to apply a wetting agent alongside fertiliser application.

The formulation of a wetting agent is designed to maximise available moisture.

However, they do not create moisture but aid the retention of what is already available in the soil.

Application rates

Wetting agents can be applied at differing application rates – from annual to monthly or bi-monthly.

Therefore, if restrictions on the water are introduced in the summer, then a lawn can still benefit from an annual application.

All soil structures have differing capacities for moisture retention.

Therefore, while sufficient moisture remains available to the grass plant, it would be prudent to introduce a programme that will maintain moisture for longer.

In need of a professional wetting agent application?

If your lawn is looking dry or struggling to retain what it needs to grow healthy and strong, call in the professionals.

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