Make your garden into a gym

Did you know that you can make your own garden gym?!

Being active is important to improve your health and reduce stress. Here are a few ideas to get on with exercising in your garden.

The Plant Squat

You can do squats in your garden while digging an area for planting new plants or if you’re digging up weeds.

Just make sure when your bending down your main body weight is sitting on your knees and come up every so often and then repeat.

You can burn up to 292 calories per hour with the plant squat.

The Rake Lift

Raking leaves or grass clippings from your lawn is a good workout in your garden gym.

This will mainly work your arms, so make sure you are swapping the rake over to get an even workout on both arms.

You can burn up to 240 calories per hour with the rake lift.

Hedge Trimming

A trimmer hedge equals a trimmer you.

Use some garden shears to cut the hedge manually, which will work out the muscles in your arms, shoulders and the top of your back.

You can burn up to 292 calories per hour with a bit of hedge trimming.

Burn Calories While Composting

You can kill two birds with one stone when it comes to composting and digging, it’s beneficial for your garden and for your health at the same time.

So start helping your garden, the environment and your body with a bit of composting as often as your garden needs.

You can burn up to 332 calories per hour with a bit of composting or digging.

Lawn Lunges

Last but not least for your garden gym, let’s call them lawn lunges.

Mowing your lawn and walking with the mower, throw a lunge into the mix every few steps to work out your upper and lower leg muscles.

You can burn the most amount of calories with some lawn lunges and mowing, at about 372 calories per hour.

If we all do a bit of gardening in your garden gym at least 2 times a week, you’ll see the results not only in your garden but with yourself as well!

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