Meet Charlie Yip: TruGreen Gloucestershire Lawn Care Technician

We spoke to Charlie Yip from TruGreen Gloucestershire about his transition from a seasonal worker to lawn care expert.  

Charlie Yip first joined TruGreen Gloucestershire in June 2021 as a seasonal worker for a scarification season.

At the time, Charlie was a student studying gym and strength conditioning whilst coaching at a local gym.

It was through this that Charlie met TruGreen Gloucestershire owner Mike Simmonds.

Despite being a student and working in the gym, Charlie says he still felt he had spare time and wanted to make something of it.

Joining TruGreen

So, he joined Mike and the rest of the team at TruGreen Gloucestershire in performing bespoke and expert lawn care treatments during scarification season.

Charlie says that this gave him an epiphany of sorts:

“I realised that I could enjoy work that wasn’t to do with what I was studying for, which I thought was the only thing I would enjoy work-wise.”

Charlie’s TruGreen journey

As a result, Charlie joined the team again for the following two scarification seasons and, at the end of 2022, took the next step, moving from a seasonal operative to a permanent Lawn Care Technician.

As a technician, Charlie says that he enjoys all aspects of his role and what he likes the most is the variety.

“My favourite thing is seeing the before and afters,” he says.

“For example, I worked on a lawn that started as just a bare blank canvas where there was no lawn.”

After analysing the lawn and undertaking the right lawn care treatments, the blank canvas was painted a healthy, verdant green.

“Around 8 to 10 weeks later, there was a green lawn. I hadn’t seen that transformation before when I was a seasonal worker.”

Personal development

Over his time at TruGreen Gloucestershire, Charlie has developed a lot, both in the services he carries out and how he interacts with customers.

He says that the Gloucestershire team created an environment that helped him develop and learn on the job.

“The other guys are really helpful,” he says. “I can ask them or Mike any questions.”

This has helped with his growth into a permanent team member, carrying out each of TruGreen’s expert lawn care services.

“As a seasonal worker, I was in the passenger seat. The person driving me everywhere was always in charge. I didn’t see myself developing into that person,” he says.

“When I first started, talking to customers was never a part of my role, for example. If we were doing a quick visit, it was just a ‘weed and feed’.

“Now, I’m going out by myself and doing all parts of the job. I’m now also driving the vans. And I have a Vauxhall Corsa, so it’s a bit of a change!”

Ready to start your lawn care journey?

As a TruGreen technician, Charlie has grown into a role he had never envisioned for himself and finds great satisfaction in transforming untreated lawns into your own slice of paradise.

Take the first step towards the lawn of your dreams today by getting in touch with Charlie, Mike, and the rest of the TruGreen Gloucestershire team today by calling 01452 223329 / 07722 045855.

Or nationwide, find your nearest TruGreen business to learn more about our services in your area today.