National Gardening Week – Lawn Maintenance

All you keen and not so keen gardeners it’s National Gardening Week this week!

There is no better time to be out and about in your garden sorting out your vegetable patches and of course, more importantly, your lawn!

What Lawn Maintenance Do I Need To Do?

There are a few tasks you can do at this time of year to keep your lawn healthy and looking good, here they are:

  • Mow your lawns whenever your grass is growing, with the aim to maintain a constant height throughout the year.
  • Overseeding – sowing new grass seed into the existing lawn, this will help rejuvenate the lawn.
  • Scarifying your lawn during the spring time will ensure the removal of dead grass and thatch, giving the grass more air-flow and space to flourish.
  • Aerating your lawn improves drainage and helps reduce water logging problems that will occur from the rain, we are in England after all!
  • Water the grass as often as you can when the weather is dry and rain is not forecast. Try and use rainwater from your water butt to help save the environment.

What if I’m starting a new lawn from scratch?

The best time to start sowing a new lawn is from the middle of April to early May.

However, if the soil is too saturated or we’re going through a cold patch, germination will end up being quite poor, therefore delay until the weather improves.

Make sure the ground is prepared and ready for sewing beforehand, by levelling and adding more top soil if needed.

Once your lawn has grown, if there are any patches without any grass, seed this area again and water it often to ensure it catches up with it’s surrounding blades of grass.

Quick Tip: Don’t walk over or mow recently sowed grass until is has reached a height of at least 5-8cm (2-3in).

Get involved with National Gardening Week this week and beyond, if you ever have any questions, just give your local TruGreen technician here.

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