National Great Outdoors Month: June lawn care tips

Things to do in the garden this June.

With June 21st, the longest day of the year fast approaching, there is no time like the present to get outdoors and spend some time in the fresh air. The month of June isn’t just home to the Summer Solstice, the entirety of the month of June is National Great Outdoors Month worldwide. Beginning in 1998 as Great Outdoors Week, and expanding in 2004 to cover the whole of June, this is the time to bask in the joys of time spent in the great outdoors. Especially after the past two years of spending our days primarily indoors!

The benefits of time spent outdoors

Spending some time outside every day can have a whole host of benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Not only does it help provide you with your daily dose of vitamin D which can regulate your immune system and help fight against depression, but it also helps deal with stress. Recent research has found that the stress hormone cortisol can make us perform less well in tests of attention, memory and organisation, and can be linked to physical changes in the brain that are signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s. But, it can also be regulated by time spent outside.

How to celebrate from your garden

There are lots of things you can do outdoors, including hiking, or having a picnic. You could even tie into National Camping Month this June and go on a camping trip. But if none of that sounds like your cup of tea, there’s plenty you can do in your garden. Many of the key lawn care jobs that are needed in June carry over from May, such as fertiliser application and weeding.

  • Depending on rainfall, you should also follow regular mowing habits and maintain a grass cutting height of around an inch (or 25mm), so that the plant can absorb the nutrients it needs to withstand some of the hotter temperatures that we’re likely to see.
  • For when it does rain, invest in a water collection tank. This is a sustainable and far more cost-effective way to save water when watering your lawn, plants, flowers and vegetables.
  • Speaking of water, there are ways you can look out for your garden’s visitors as well as your lawn this summer. For example, be sure to top up a bird bath during hot weather so that your feathered friends have somewhere to drink and cool off.
  • Use blinds or cover your greenhouse to keep it from overheating when it gets hot.
  • Move any hanging baskets into the sun and fill them with vibrant flowers for a pop of summer colour.
  • Hoe borders to prevent weed growth.

Of course, if you have a flower, vegetable or fruit garden, there will be many different things to keep on top of, but for proper lawn care, TruGreen is here to make the lawn of your dreams a reality this summer. Your garden is an important space and spending quality time in it can have dramatic benefits for your wellbeing. So, give it the care and treatment it deserves with a lawn care plan from TruGreen professional lawn care.

Our expert lawn specialists have all the kit and know-how to ensure that your lawn gets the treatment it needs by conducting a free 14-point lawn analysis on your first visit and drawing up an annual plan to suit you. To book, get in touch with your nearest TruGreen business today.

Make sure you get outside and enjoy National Great Outdoors Month!

Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer