The Pros of Proper Lawn Aeration

If you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, you should be thinking about regular aeration. Here’s why…

Aeration is a major factor in having a good lawn year-round. Regular aeration has a number of benefits to promote healthy growth, appearance, and feel of your lawn, including:

Improved air movement within the soil
Improved pore space
Aids drainage and irrigation
Overall healthier grass plant and a better distribution of nutrients within it

For a healthy lawn, it is vital that a good supply of air is available to the root structure of the plant as this will allow for efficient use of the nutrients applied through fertiliser applications. Aeration also allows good levels of soil decompaction and pore space to be achieved, which is especially important during the period when the plant is actively growing. Furthermore, by providing passageways through which water can pass, aeration also aids drainage and benefits irrigation.

What are the different types of Aeration?

When thinking about aeration, there are two main types that can be considered, and are of benefit to the lawn…

The first is solid tine aeration, which aids the development of the grass plant, and hollow-core aeration which can be used in allowing for the incorporation of a top dressing and improved drainage.

The second is hollow tine aeration, which involves taking small plugs from the lawn to ease the compaction and sub-surface thatch. This allows air, water and fertiliser better movement to the roots of the plant.

To see our aeration process in action, check out this video from one of our lawn care experts: Richard from Rich Lawns and TruGreen Milton Keynes

When do you need to Aerate?

Aeration can be carried out at any time of the year, apart from when the soil is waterlogged or frozen. It is always best to aerate a lawn when there is sufficient moisture in the soil profile. Therefore, it is ideal to aerate during the late spring as it helps to increase the grass health and nutrient uptake leading into the main growing season.

The other time of the year when aeration is recommended is during the autumn, which will assist drainage and general grass condition during the wetter winter months. Both spring and autumn are times of the year when the grass plant needs plenty of oxygen, but you should not limit any aeration programme to only these two periods of the year, as the plant will benefit from all year round aeration.

Start preparing for the spring growth period now and get a head start on your 2022 lawn care by finding your nearest TruGreen business today. The first step in any quality lawn care programme is the right preparation. Start today, and take your first step towards the lawn of your dreams with TruGreen.