Save water, invest in a rainwater collection tank

With the weather the way it is at the moment collecting rainwater using a water butt/rainwater collection tank is a great thing to do to help the environment and save water.

Why should I get a water butt?

Your lawn, your outdoor and indoor plants all need water to survive, and rainwater is a much healthier option than tap water.

Tap water is treated at a water treatment plant to make it safe for us to wash in and drink.

This means it has added various minerals, like chlorine to prevent bacterial growth while the water streams through the pipes.

The chlorine and other minerals can have a negative effect on plant growth, by reducing the plant’s ability to absorb the nutrients from the soil in order to grow.

The Advantages

  • You can use your water butt even when there is a hosepipe ban
  • It’s kinder to the environment and the health of your plants
  • Dramatically reduces the cost of water bills

How to install your water butt

You can buy a water butt for as little as £30, with all different sizes and styles, so you can purchase one to match your garden style.

You can either;

  • (The simple way) Cut off the downpipe from your gutter system and place the water butt directly below to catch the water that way.
  • (The Advanced way) Or you can install a rainwater diverter. These can be purchased and fitted to all drainpipes. Make sure you get the right one for the shape of your drainpipe.

We would recommend “The advanced way’ and here is how to fit it;

  • Place your water butt on its stand next to the downpipe
  • Mark the height of the top of the butt on the pipe
  • Use a hacksaw to cut the downpipe 3cm from your mark
  • Attach the rainwater diverter to the downpipe at the point where you cut it off
  • Drill 8cm down from the top of the water butt (needs to be large enough for the supplied pipe to fit through
  • Connect the supplied pipe that comes with the water butt to the rainwater diverter
  • Fit the lid onto the water butt and wait for the heavens to open, hey presto you have free water

(Don’t worry you won’t have to refer back to this when you purchase one, the instructions will be provided).

To conclude, we would 100% recommend a water butt for a number of reasons, the main one being rainwater is a healthier alternative than tap water.

For more information on water butts and lawn care, keep your eye on our blog and social media for tips and tricks.

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