Spring clean your lawn

Spring is now in full bloom and now is the time to act if you want your lawn looking its best for summer, and applying the right treatments now will ensure it looks its best all year round.

Moss a problem again this spring

Another mild winter has produced the ideal environment for moss to invade lawns across the UK. There are many reasons for the build-up of moss in a lawn, but very damp and shaded areas are at most risk, and combined with the low number of daylight hours during the early part of the year, have given ideal conditions for moss to develop.

Moss will grow and thrive and take over a lawn quickly, and before you know it you will be left with unsightly yellow areas void of grass. The application of a quality commercial product, based on sulphate of iron, followed by scarification is the best way of keeping unwanted moss at bay, and after periods of weather as those that we have experienced this winter, there has never been a better time for the treatment of moss to prevent any further deterioration to the appearance of the lawn.

The importance of aeration

It cannot be overemphasised how important aeration is to a lawn. Over the winter months, there will be a natural increase in the amount of moisture retained in the soil, reducing the amount of air available to the grassroots. It is vital that this air is reintroduced in the spring if the lawn is to grow healthily throughout the year, as it is through the roots that nutrients are taken up by the grass plant.

Aeration greatly enhances oxygen levels to the soil, and while helping to stimulate growth will additionally assist in the decomposition of any thatch layer.

Keep your lawn weed-free

Do not get fooled into thinking that a lawn will remain weed-free forevermore, and despite a lawn seeming to be clear of weeds at the start of the year, the likelihood is that there will be some unwanted annual weeds that will appear later in the spring and early summer. The key to controlling weeds is early and regular treatment, as just like moss they will quickly establish and choke out much of the surrounding grasses. Lawns that are prone to laying wet or have an excessive thatch layer will provide the perfect conditions for weeds to flourish, and while it is vitally important that all weeds are regularly treated with a selective weed killer, it is equally important to manage the moisture content and thatch layer if a weed-free lawn is to be achieved.

Balanced applications of fertiliser

Just as it is vitally important for us to monitor our own levels of food intake, it is the same for the grass plant. Get the balance of nutrients wrong and you will see a marked deterioration in the quality of a lawn. TruGreen analyses every lawn individually and with our bespoke service, this allows us to tailor every fertiliser application programme to the need of that specific lawn, maintaining the balance of nutrients that will allow for the grass to remain healthy, disease-free and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Only by careful management of the main nutrients, especially levels of nitrogen, can this be possible and it is through many years of experience in managing the nutrient input that the very best quality of lawncare can be achieved.


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