The 4 benefits of a great lawn

The pros of a TruGreen lawn.

Have you noticed?

The number 4 crops up in the natural world a lot: 4 main elements, four seasons, four cardinal directions on a compass, and a long time ago, people even used to diagnose illnesses through the four bodily humours!

Though disproven by modern medicine, this highlights one thing: good things come in fours in nature.

This is also the case with lawn care.

Even though working with the four humours has been proven to have no benefits for your health, having a good lawn has!

During our 30+ years as one of the leading lawn care specialists, we have observed four key benefits to having a professionally maintained lawn.

  1. Oxygen and air quality

The role of plant life in helping aid against the climate crisis cannot be understated. Your lawn does more than you think.

A healthy lawn of 250m² absorbs enough CO2 and produces enough oxygen for a family of four!

Not only is this good for the planet but for you, too.

  1. Water aid

A well-kept lawn can help you with water as well as just air.


Lawns absorb rainfall, which in turn reduces water lost by way of run-off.

This is particularly handy in a drought and when reducing flash flooding.

Even in the event of these natural disasters, there are still ways to care for your lawn, and TruGreen will be there by providing information on how to care for your lawn in extreme weather and through our lawn restoration services.

  1. Other environmental benefits

The grass of a good lawn also helps the environment in other ways.

Your lawn’s grass can filter and trap dust from the air, improving air quality beyond providing oxygen.

It also purifies water as it passes through underground aquifers.

  1. Mental Health Benefits

A good lawn also has benefits for your mental health.

Standing barefoot on natural grass is proven to reduce stress.

Although perhaps not advisable at this time of year, using our 6-step programme to keep your lawn healthy all year round, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a great lawn whenever you like.

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