The 4 don’ts of maintaining your lawn during frost

It’s important to remember a few things to avoid doing on your lawn during frosty conditions, and here they are:

  1. Don’t fertilise your lawn

Never fertilise the lawn when frost is forecast as this can cause damage to the grass plant, especially when a fertiliser contains iron sulphate in the control of moss, as this will have the effect of blackening the grass leaf, and while generally the damage is short term, with no major damage to the plant itself, the lawn will take longer to recover due to the dark , damp conditions of winter with the reduced growth.

  1. Don’t walk on a frozen lawn

In frost or snow, you should avoid walking on the lawn. We recognise that in snowy conditions, this may be difficult for households with children, but walking across a frozen lawn can cause blackening of the leaf and damage the plant.

  1. Don’t mow the lawn

Whilst it is good to stay in the practice of mowing the lawn in the winter, this should be avoided immediately after frost or snow, when the ground could be waterlogged.

  1. Don’t grow grass seeds

It may seem obvious, but trying to grow grass seeds during winter is not advisable. This is because the seed won’t germinate due to the cold temperature and reduced levels of photosynthesis. The best thing to do during this weather is to take a hands-off approach, and leave the lawn alone until the frost and snow has melted away.

And if after the frost has passed, you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to lawn care, get in touch with us. Our experts would be happy to give you advice, or tell you more about our services. Or, you can always click here to find your nearest TruGreen service.