Tips on Maintaining Your Lawn

There are a number of maintenance procedures that TruGreen Professional Lawncare recommend you follow in maintaining the quality of your lawn.

Mowing Your Lawn

Make sure you don’t cut the grass too short as the shorter the leaf the faster that moisture is lost from the plant, ideally the grass height should be maintained at 20-25mm.

You should mow the lawn in various directions, as mowing in one direction will cause unnecessary stress/damage to the grass plant and cause an uneven growth 

Always check that the mower blade is sharp prior to mowing the lawn as a sharp cut is essential in achieving the best possible lawn appearance, and preventing any disease from entering the plant.

Fertilising Your Lawn

If fertiliser has been applied, there may be the need to irrigate if rain isn’t forecast. All fertilisers used by TruGreen are low in scorch, but in warmer weather, if no rainfall is forecast within 48 hours of the application, it is advisable to apply water through irrigation. 

Be sure to apply water daily to any grass seed that has been sowed, as lack of water will result in poor germination and grass establishment.

If irrigation is needed it should be applied either in the early morning or during the early evening. Never water during direct sunlight as moisture will be lost to evaporation, also use a sprinkler wherever possible as this will allow for an even application.

Treating Lawn Diseases

Our advice is to notify your TruGreen lawn expert as soon as you see a change in the appearance of your lawn, as early identification of lawn diseases and pests will prevent major lawn damage and minimise additional costs


Contact your local TruGreen Lawncare Expert today for more information on how we can maintain your lawn throughout each season.