Top 5 Spring Lawncare Tips

Spring has sprung!! If you haven’t already started looking after your lawn, then it’s best to start earlier rather than later. That way if your lawn has any moss or lawn diseases then these can be treated and give you that perfect summer lawn.


Here are our top 5 spring lawncare tips for you to get that perfect lawn for those outside summer activities:


Now that the weather has warmed up and the rain has subsided for now it’s the perfect time to get out with your lawnmower and cut the grass.

Mowing your lawn not only gives it a nice appearance, but it will also keep it healthy by helping eliminate any pests from the grass and clear any bits of debris. It will help your lawn distribute and absorb water and sunlight easier.

When cutting your grass, you’re getting rid of the weaker, thinner strands, leaving only the healthy shoots that will lead to a greener lawn and better appearance.

Mow your lawn regularly during spring and summer to ensure it stays healthy and looks good!

Moss Treatment

There are two main periods in the year when treatment is recommended.

Firstly, is the spring period, as your lawn may become infested over the winter period, especially if you have not previously had any form of moss control.

The moss will need to be treated and removed at this time of the year to allow for a quality lawn to be achieved during the summer months.

Secondly, in the early part of autumn, when moss usually occurs after a wet summer and will allow the lawn to be in the best possible condition at the start of the following year.

Our lawn care experts will always give you tips and advice to help with maintaining your lawn all year round, during and after treatments have been completed.

he application of a quality commercial product, based on sulphate of iron, followed by a programme of scarification will keep the moss at bay and allow for the grasses to grow and thicken.

Lawn Nutrition

Feeding your lawn on a regular basis will help in increasing growth, strengthening the grass plant and keeping weeds away.

For the best results apply lawn fertiliser while the soil is still damp, as early as possible during spring and summer. If you fertilise your lawn too late in the year it could damage your lawn by encouraging it to grow, which can have a negative effect during the cold weather, increasing the chances of lawn diseases or pests.

Seeding Your Lawn

You may find dry patches on your lawn that have occurred after scarification, if this is the case you’ll need to overseed these areas to encourage growth.

Make sure you’ve paid attention to shaded areas of your lawn as well and water these areas that little bit more.

Keep an eye on the weather and water the lawn if the sun doesn’t show for a few days, you then should see your perfect lawn starting to show within 7-10 days.

Weed Control

Do not get fooled into thinking that a lawn will remain weed-free, and despite a lawn seeming to be clear of weeds at the start of the year, the likelihood is that there will be some unwanted annual weeds that will appear later in the spring period.

Managing the thatch layer through scarification and aeration will assist in keeping your lawn weed-free.

What happens during the spring period will dictate your lawn quality throughout the year.


There is no better time of year to have your local TruGreen lawn expert review your lawn quality and to highlight what needs to be done in maintaining the highest quality.

By offering every one of our customers a bespoke service, your lawn will be given an individual programme to meet both your expectations and personal budget.