Autumn Grass

Top Autumn Tips For Getting Your Lawn Ready For Winter

For the majority of us, Autumn and Winter mean getting back from work, settling down with a cup of tea, keeping warm and delving into a new Netflix series.

Your lawn, on the other hand, doesn’t take a break and still needs to be taken care of in preparation for the Winter months.

Aeration is key

One of the main challenges in keeping your lawn as healthy as can be during the colder months is to make sure it is aerated. This will help the grassroots with getting the all-important, oxygen, water and nutrients it needs to flourish.

For all of your aeration requirements, give TruGreen Professional Lawncare a call.

Fertilise for the future

The best time of year to fertilise your lawn is during the Autumn months, when it starts to become a bit cooler. The growth rate of the grass leaves slows down during this time; however, the grassroots and rhizomes continue to grow all year round. (Rhizomes are horizontal plant stems that are just under the soil’s surface. They produce the roots below and the green grass blades on the surface).

The application of the correct Autumn fertiliser is important in maintaining lawn quality and health. Some benefits of using our controlled release Autumn fertilisers include the retention of colour and a healthy root structure, both important factors to help the lawn survive periods of frost and snow.

Fill the bald areas of lawn

Do you have any bald areas on your lawn where the paddling pool was during the hot summer we had?

In many ways, Autumn can be the best time of year to overseed a lawn, especially after scarification and aeration have been carried out. It is important to do any grass sowing while there is still time remaining, as this gives the grass seed time to establish before the colder months.

Fight back against the weeds

Autumn is the best time to put up a fight against those pesky weeds, such as dandelions or daises. During Autumn if these weeds are not dealt with, they end up being greedy, energy absorbing plants that will take the important nutrients out of the ground that the grass needs to grow.

Applying selective broadleaf herbicides when plant growth is active is vital in treating weeds. There are a number of products available for controlling broadleaf weeds and these are best applied before the end of October.

Make sure you stay on schedule – no prograsstinating!

Staying on schedule can be difficult and can be a long-winded process, that is why we would always recommend getting a lawn care professional in to keep to a schedule and ensure your lawn is top notch and ready to be used for garden parties in the spring and summer.

All lawns benefit from having any remaining thatch that has accumulated over the summer months removed before the onset of winter, and it is equally important to maintain drainage if moss is to be controlled.

Maximise your lawn’s ability to withstand shorter days, by speaking with us about the level of scarification, aeration, and fertiliser that will be required. Combining these mechanical services and applying the correct level of nutrients will allow for a healthier lawn, prior to the colder temperatures of winter.

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