TruGreen Gloucestershire Supporting the Pied Piper Appeal

Mike Simmonds and the team and TruGreen Gloucestershire have been supporting the local children’s charity the Pied Piper Appeal.

On the year of its 30th Anniversary, TruGreen Gloucestershire is joining with 30 other local businesses to partner with the Gloucestershire charity the Pied Piper Appeal.

What is the Pied Piper Appeal?

For 30 years, the Pied Piper Appeal has been making a difference in the lives of sick and disabled children and their families across the county.

Founded in May 1992 by Peter Hickman, the charity was set up to raise funding for a new children’s hospital for the county, which became a reality in 2004 with an opening at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Following this milestone, the charity moved into a role of support, as a source of fundraising for equipment and resources for those in need.

How is TruGreen Gloucestershire helping?

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Pied Piper Appeal, 30 local businesses from across Gloucestershire county have partnered with the charity to help raise money for their services. Including TruGreen Gloucestershire, who will be raising money throughout the year via a range of fundraising events, including gardening club talks.

Gardening Club talks:

By working closely with the Gloucestershire Federation of Gardening Societies, Mike Simmonds and the TruGreen Gloucestershire team provide help, information and support to local groups and the local public on all matters green. This year, they’re also taking this as an opportunity to fundraise, by taking a collection and asking members of the clubs to donate what they can to help the Pied Piper Appeal.

What the money will do:

The money raised through this and several other charity events planned this year will help the Pied Piper Appeal continue to carry out its fantastic services across Gloucestershire.

These include providing equipment in hospitals, waiting areas and paediatric outpatient areas; providing nurse training bursaries; supporting the 12 SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) schools in the area; helping to fund the Chamwell Centre; sending children with life-limiting illnesses and their families on Wish holidays; and supporting efforts to improve paediatric mental health.

From Mike

Mike Simmonds, the owner of TruGreen Gloucestershire says he felt compelled to offer his support to Pied Piper however he could, after having seen their work for himself.

Piped Piper is a charity that has touched the lives of many families across Gloucestershire and the wider region.

The work they complete & funds they raise makes a huge difference to both families and children who directly benefit, something I have seen first-hand.

As a team, we want to support this great work and plan to raise funds through different activities over the year, including donating funds from any gardening club talks we complete,” he says.

How to get involved

Over its three-decade lifespan, the Pied Piper appeal has been able to raise a staggering amount to support sick and disabled children across Gloucestershire county. The support they provide is vital, and even a small donation can make a huge difference in the lives of the families that need it.

By joining TruGreen Gloucestershire and the other businesses and volunteers that pledge their time and money to the Pied Piper Appeal, you can make a real difference to a child living with a serious disability or illness today.

To get involved, you can pledge a donation on their website, get in touch with TruGreen Gloucestershire or even visit a local gardening club talk!

How TruGreen can help you

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And for professional and bespoke lawn care services across Gloucestershire county, give Mike and the TruGreen Gloucestershire team a call on 01452 223329 or 07722 045855 today.