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Weed control best practices

Easy steps to rid your lawn of weeds.

For gardeners and lawn lovers worldwide, the no.1 enemy is weeds.

Not only are they unsightly, but they damage the lovely green grass on your lawn.

Luckily, at TruGreen, our lawn care experts know all there is to know about weeds.

To control them, there are some best practices to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t start too early in the year

When looking to control weeds on your lawn, it is important not to jump the gun and start too early in the year.

Weeds will still flourish after the application of weed killer if they weren’t in growth at the time of application.

Please be mindful that weeds will come into growth at differing times across the UK, with mid-March and April being the times when the majority of weeds are actively growing.

  1. Use the correct application specifications

When applying weed killer, always follow the product label and application rates.

Certain weeds are also more resistant to specific herbicides, so always check what herbicides are in your weed-killer product before the application.

  1. Check for damaged nozzles

If the nozzle on the sprayer is impaired, the application rate will be affected.

Check nozzles regularly and replace damaged nozzles immediately.

  1. Spray at the right time

The weather conditions at the time of application can also affect its success.

Rainfall immediately after application will affect the efficiency of the weed killer, and drought conditions can also prevent the plant from absorbing the product.

Therefore, when temperatures are high, apply weed killers before 11 am.

  1. Call in the experts

For expert weed treatment and guidance, get in touch with professionals.

Our lawncare operatives are equipped to deal with any weed problem all year round.

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