What is Aeration?

Aeration is a major factor in getting the perfect lawn that you’ve always wanted!

It is vital that a good supply of air is available to the root structure of the plant, as this will allow for efficient use of the nutrients applied through fertiliser applications.

Types of aeration

There are two main types of aeration that can be considered and are of benefit to your lawn.

  • Solid tine aeration – involves driving metal spikes into the surface of your lawn via a machine called an Aerator. This punches holes into your lawn to relieve compaction issues and assist in refreshing your lawn
  • Hollow tine aeration – involves driving a hollow metal tube into your lawn. Which benefits the lawn by opening the pores in the soil and allows your grass roots to grow more efficiently.

Why do I need to aerate?

Aeration assists in the decompaction of the soil and allows efficient pore space to be achieved, which are both important factors when the plant is actively growing.

It also provides passageways, through which water can pass through, also aiding in drainage and irrigation.

To summarise aeration is important for the following reasons:

  • Improved air circulation within the soil
  • Improved pore space
  • Aids drainage and irrigation
  • Assist in the distribution of nutrients for the plant
  • All of these lead to a healthier grass plant

When should I aerate?

Aeration can be carried out at any time of the year, apart from when the soil is waterlogged or frozen.

It’s always best to aerate your lawn when there is sufficient moisture in the soil profile, therefore it is ideal to do so during the late spring.

Aerating will help increase the grass health and nutrient uptake leading into the main growing season.

The other time of the year that aeration is recommended is during Autumn, which will assist drainage and better grass condition. This will help keep your grass healthy over the winter months.

So, to sum up, spring and autumn are the best times of the year to aerate, because these are the times of year that the grass plant needs plenty of oxygen to aid growth. However, don’t limit aeration to only these two periods of the year, as grass benefits from it all year-round.

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