When to scarify your lawn

How scarification can help your lawn this January.

Is your lawn springy underfoot? Or suffering from lawn diseases? It may be overrun with thatch and in need of scarification.

At TruGreen UK, we’ve been delivering high-quality professional lawn care services for over 30 years. One of the key services we carry out is scarification.

Using our top-of-the-range technology, we rid your lawn of unwanted thatch and return it to the green and healthy lawn you deserve.

How do I know scarification is needed?

All grass forms a layer of dead plant material, commonly known as thatch.

When this thatch gets too thick, it prevents water and nutrients from reaching the grassroots.

This cultivates humid and moist conditions that are optimal for fungal lawn diseases to take hold.

So, this layer must be kept to a minimum.

When the grass thatch is so thick that it prevents grassroots from penetrating the soil, scarification is required. This can be pinpointed by a springy ground texture.

When is scarification carried out?

Two major points need to be considered when deciding when the best time is to scarify:

Firstly, don’t scarify too early in the spring as the grass must grow beforehand to allow for the space created by the scarification to be filled with desirable grasses.

And finally, it’s also important to encourage grass growth after scarification,

So, we advise that scarification is best completed after the application of an iron sulphate product in late March through to early May.

This is because ground conditions are favourable and coincide with increased growth.

But, like most good lawn care practices, scarification should not be carried out in isolation or as a one-off.

Scarification works best when performed regularly and in tandem with other key processes like aeration and balanced fertiliser application.

That’s why at TruGreen UK, we offer a six-step annual lawn care programme, which tackles the processes and care needed for your lawn during each season.

Following scarification to remove excessive lawn thatch, we will always help to once again facilitate root penetration within your grass plant through the process of aeration and encourage healthy grass growth with balanced fertiliser application.

How do I start a lawn care programme?

To start enjoying all that a professionally cared for lawn has to offer, find your nearest TruGreen business to book a free 14-point analysis of your lawn now.

Your local TruGreen lawn care expert will assess your lawn and draw up a bespoke annual treatment plan customised to suit you and your lawn, completely free of charge!

Call 0800 021 3074 learn more about your services and start your journey to a healthy lawn with TruGreen UK.