Why is lawn fertiliser so important?

TruGreen’s Lawn Fertiliser 101.

Ever wondered why your grass is unable to maintain its shine?

Or why your lawn’s ability to bounce back from the winter seems to be lacking?

Your lawn may benefit from a quality fertiliser application from the professionals.

At TruGreen, we have over 30 years of providing the best bespoke and seasonal lawn care services across the UK, backed by know-how and technology from the world’s leading lawn care brand.

So, what do we know about fertiliser? We’ll tell you.

When is fertiliser needed?

Fertiliser applications play a vital role in lawn care throughout the year.

But as we move closer to spring, now is the time to start thinking about the balance of nutrients your lawn will need to stay healthy and green in the upcoming months.

Why is fertiliser critical?

Fertiliser application is a fundamental component in maintaining the quality and appearance of your lawn.

But why?

Firstly, the correct nutrients must reach the roots and be taken in by your grass plant.

Moreover, it’s equally critical that the plant receives the correct nutrients to regenerate and achieve growth as temperatures rise.

What are the correct nutrients?

All lawn fertilisers are based on three macronutrients:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphate
  • And Potassium

Each plays a role in helping your lawn achieve a good colour, leaf growth, root depth, and ability to withstand drought and diseases.

Other elements are also needed in the spring period.

For example, Iron Sulphate is central in controlling any moss that may form during winter.

This has the added benefit of strengthening the grass plant too!

A balanced application of macronutrients is essential for healthy grass growth.

For more information on fertiliser and the role of each macronutrient, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Lawn Fertiliser on YouTube:

Think you may need to apply a lawn fertiliser?

Balanced fertiliser application is one of the many professional lawn care services we carry out at TruGreen.

As we head into spring, schedule a visit from your local TruGreen expert by finding your nearest business today.

Our technicians will then visit you to carry out a free 14-point lawn analysis to assess the needs of your lawn and provide a quote for our services so you can decide how to best proceed.

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