Will having a pet ruin your lawn?

How does owning a pet impact your lovely green lawn?

Over 45% of the UK population own a pet. And most also have a garden.

Cultivating the green grass you dream about is impossible without the proper care.

You must do a little extra look after your lawn when you have pets.

Here are some things to be aware of when caring for a garden and a pet.

A playground…and toilet

Pet Dog on lawn

Your garden is the perfect playground (and lavatory) for your dog.

Unfortunately, the places our furry friends can do their business are limited.

And your lawn is probably preferable to your house.

But, their urine can burn the area they urinate on.

This is because the natural protein breakdowns in their bodies mean their urine contains nitrogen!

This makes dogs one of the main culprits for lawn damage, particularly female dogs.

This is because female dogs squat and concentrate their urine in one spot, unlike their male counterparts.

To combat this damage, empty a bucket of water onto the area where your dog has just urinated.

This will dilute the urine and help to wash it through the soil.

Hiring a professional lawn care specialist like TruGreen UK can keep your lawn strong and more likely to withstand pet urination.

The Purrfect Potty

Pet Cat on lawn

Cats are the second most commonly owned pet in the UK after dogs, and they can also damage your lawn.

Cat urine is a bit more diluted than a dog.

Plus, cats do what they want when they want.

As a result, you are less likely to know when and where your cat has been to the toilet.

It is probably doing its business in your neighbour’s garden anyway!

Cats tend to dig a hole in the ground to go to the toilet.

Which is not good when trying to cultivate a thriving green space.

There are a few ways you can prevent this from happening.

Here is one: Scatter a bit of pepper over your lawn.

This will not affect your lawn but can deter your cat from going on your grass.

According to petsbanned.com, this could be because of the scent and its association by cats with unpleasant tastes.

Or, it could be because its interrupts their territory marking.

But it works! So, keep scattering.

Quick Tip for Small Animals

For smaller animals like a guinea pig or a tortoise, cordon off a small area of your lawn.

Then, let them have it as their little garden.

Bonus animal!

If you have a goat, then, erm…. good luck getting a nice lawn.

They will probably eat the whole thing!

Need help looking after a lawn with a pet?

If you are unsure how to look after your lawn with pets, call the professionals.

Find your local TruGreen Professional Lawn Care expert to assist with your lawn care needs.