TruGreen Professional Lawn Care Tips and Tricks: The Ultimate Guide to Turf Replacement

TruGreen Professional Lawn Care UK tells you all you need to know for a successful turf replacement process and a revitalised lawn.

Sometimes, a lawn can be severely damaged.

As in… beyond repair.

Whether from flooding, dry soil or something else entirely, your best bet may be to replace your turf.

This can be quite a daunting prospect.

But not for us.

How we can help

At TruGreen Professional Lawn Care UK, we have over 30 years of experience as part of the world’s leading lawn care brand.

Caring for your lawn is what we do. It’s what it says on the tin.

Not to mention, our supplier is one of the largest producers of quality turf in the UK.

They supply all kinds of turf!

From hard-wearing turf, fit for your whole family, to ornamental or shade-tolerant varieties for those who wish to sit back and enjoy the view.

Together, we can turn even the worst lawn into the perfect picture.

By investing in our turf replacement service, we’ll transform a lawn that you may well believe is beyond repair into a beautiful centrepiece that will make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood.

And it all starts with baby steps.

Preparing for turf replacement

To prepare for natural turf replacement, it is vital to assess the current state of the turf.

Dot this by taking soil samples to determine the pH levels and nutrient content.

If the soil lacks the proper nutrients, this will need to be amended before installing new turf.

It is also necessary to address any underlying issues, such as compacted soil or weed growth, before installing new turf.

Once the area is prepared, select the appropriate turf for the specific location and intended use.

When choosing the correct turf, factors such as sun exposure, foot traffic, and climate should be considered.

Finally, follow proper installation techniques to ensure the new turf establishes roots and thrives.

This may include laying down a layer of topsoil and regularly watering and fertilising the new turf.

If all of this sounds like a bit much… you can get help from your local lawn care expert on all this and more.

What your TruGreen lawn expert will do

  1. Expert removal of the existing turf
  2. Preparation of the ground
  3. Grading and levelling
  4. Purchase and supply of a quality turf
  5. Correct laying techniques
  6. Rolling of the turf after completion
  7. Application of fertiliser
  8. Lawn treatment programme
  9. Advise on watering to aid the development of the roots
  10. Advise on lawn maintenance

Need professional help?

If you would benefit from professional guidance and support throughout assessing, selecting, ordering and laying new turf, contact your local expert by finding your nearest TruGreen business today for a free, no-obligation consultation.