Barbecue Season Etiquette

Today, the 4th July as well a being Independence Day in America, it’s also Barbecue Day!

Hopefully, the clouds will subside, the rain will move on and the sun will shine down on your gardens, thus being able to light the barbecue.

There are a few things you must do before and after you have a barbecue, let’s call this barb-etiquette!

Mow your lawn

One man went to mow, or two, depending on the size of your lawn!

You will most probably have a few guests over for your barbecue and making sure your lawn is mowed correctly is important.

  • Do not cut the grass too short as this will put the plant under stress
  • Cut the grass to a height of 30mm, this will help minimise the lawn to be damaged from all those feet
  • Try and cut the lawn a few days beforehand to allow the grass leaf to absorb moisture and regain its strength before the barbecue

It’s all about the barbecue

If a barbecue party wasn’t all about the barbecue, then, well.. it wouldn’t really work!

It’s probably not the best idea to place a barbecue straight on the lawn, as this will scorch the grass, leading to permanent damage and a grass flavoured meal.

If your barbecue is a standard coal barbecue, you need to make sure you dispose of the coal correctly and not thrown onto your lawn, again this will cause lawn damage.

  • Let the coal ash cool for up to 48 hours
  • When completely cooled, place into a paper bag and dispose of in the regular bin

If your lawn does happen to be scorched by either of the above or flying embers that happen to land on your grass, then call your local TruGreen lawncare expert today.

Pick a picnic

If you decide to have a picnic party then make sure you have a sufficient number of picnic mats to cover your lawn.

  • Try and avoid the spillage of any sugary fizzy drinks, because the sugar can harm the grass and cause discolouration
  • Remove all remnants of food to ensure you don’t get any unwelcome visitors like foxes or badgers into your garden
    – These garden visitors could potentially cause extreme damage to your lawn if they were to possibly dig up the garden looking for turf pests, such as chafer grubs

The barbecue aftercare

There are a few things including what has been mentioned above in regards to the disposal of coal that must be done soon after your get together.

Your lawn can become matted after extensive use, but don’t worry there is a quick fix;

  • Lightly rake the lawn using a spring-tined rake, which will increase growth
  • Follow this step by applying a small bit of fertiliser that is high in nitrogen
  • Give the grass a good drink by watering it to encourage fresh growth

We wish you all a safe and sunny barbecue! If you need any assistance with your lawn, before or after your BBQ, then give your local TruGreen technician a call, find your nearest here.