Festive Fungus: Keep an eye out for Snow Mould

Be on the lookout for Snow Mould on your lawn this Christmas.

Winter weather brings with it differing conditions for your turf – including potential lawn diseases like Snow Mould.

What is Snow Mould?

Snow Mould is a fungus that develops in wet, cool weather (like some of the conditions experienced by much of the UK recently), and can be especially prominent when the snow cover remains for a number of weeks. It is most destructive when the grass is covered with snow prior to the ground being frozen, as it incubates the active mycelium. But be aware, it doesn’t melt away with the snow, and may continue to spread even after your lawn has thawed.

Snow Mould can also stay alive for years in the thatch and soil, but is commonly undetected due to the weather in the UK being less conducive to its growth. Therefore, it is important to be aware of, and to be able to spot, the signs that you might have overlooked in your own garden.

So what does it look like?

There are two types of snow mould: pink and grey.

Both types of Snow Mould start their growth when the temperature is above freezing, and then mutate when covered by snow. This forms a thermal blanket for the fungus, giving it the perfect conditions to grow and spread.


Okay I’ve spotted it, now what?

Like most lawn diseases, Snow Mould can be prevented by maintaining good lawncare practices, alongside an integrated disease management plan. In a worst-case-scenario, a professional fungicide may have to be applied to control the most damaging growths. These products are not available in DIY stores, so you should consult your local TruGreen lawn care technician for an accurate analysis and the appropriate lawn treatment. To do this, or to learn more about our other services, you can find your nearest lawncare expert here.


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Written by Tom Page