How low temperatures impact lawn treatments

How winter chills affect the way you can treat your lawn.

Temperature is important in lawn care. But especially in the treatment of weeds and other lawn irritants.

While weeds will become dormant at differing times according to the species and where you are in the UK, with lower temperatures forecast, we’re nearing the end of effective control.

Why doesn’t weed treatment work in winter?

This is because weeds need to be in growth to allow for the weed killer to enter the plant.

Once the plant has stopped growing and becomes dormant, then the weeds will not be killed as the plant cannot absorb the weed killer.

So when should I carry out weed control?

Therefore, while soil temperatures may still allow for some weeds to remain in growth, do not complete any treatments after the onset of frost. This will prevent the weed killer from translocating through the plant and into the roots.

Therefore, all weed killer treatments will need to wait until the weeds come back into growth in the spring when efficient control can be guaranteed.

How do low temperatures affect other pest control treatments?

With frost forecast in the coming days, we’re likely to see soil temperatures fall below 10 degrees Celsius.

This is the minimum temperature required to allow for the biological treatment of pests, as lower temperatures will result in the nematodes perishing before reaching their target if an application is applied.

Therefore, our advice would be to check the soil temperatures before completing any further treatments and to not apply any nematodes once the temperature has dropped below the minimum required, as it is unlikely that soil temperatures will recover until the spring.

How do I treat my lawn in winter?

There are still formal treatments that you can carry out during the winter months, and they are dependant on the conditions of the weather. So, the key thing to do is observe best practices for winter lawn care to make sure your lawn is as healthy as possible. And if you encounter a problem, get in touch with the professionals and see how we can help you.

How TruGreen can help

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